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We are not meant to navigate the healing and growth journey alone.  I'm here to be your guide, your sounding board, and the one that straps the parachute on as I gently nudge you in the direction your heart is calling



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I'll share what I've learned with you!

My quest from being an overwhelmed, burned out, always moving, people pleasing, self sacrificing adrenaline junkie to someone with confidence, presence, balance, and passion for the life I create has taught me a few things.   I know struggle and hardship because it was the road I walked for many, many years – but I no longer choose this

I get you Because I was just like you!

Guided journey breathwork to guide you deeper within yourself, released stored emotion, move stuck energy and allow you to rise and live from a place of true alignment.



A multimodality container designed to help you discover your true nature

Nourish Program


"One of the greatest gifts you'll ever do for yourself"

Amyee’s professionalism, vow to patient confidentiality and ease to talk allowed me to feel and express emotions-to be acknowledged instead of dismissed. Over the next couple of months, I learned to listen to my body. Slow down. Rest. Nurture myself. And most of all ask and RECEIVE the love and support I needed from those around me. My old ways of muscling thru things, pushing on, depending only on myself began to fade. On some days they didn’t fade quick enough or with ease. But they faded. Old habits can be hard to break. But all along the way Amyee held space for me so I could allow my body to heal physically, mentally and emotionally. Some days the work was tough yet Amyee never pushed me to places I didn’t want to go or was uncomfortable with. She allowed the journey to be mine and mine alone. She gave me the support, tools and guidance I needed so I could do the work I wanted and needed to change my old thought processes. I will forever be grateful for my time spent working with Amyee.  In my time working with her, I gained a sister. Someone who saw the potential in me to be free of past trauma. To live the life I deserve. To be healed physically, mentally and emotionally. To know when to fight and when to rest. To acknowledge my emotions. To give a voice to my needs. And to receive the things I need and desire.  If you’re thinking about reaching out stop waiting. Do it. It’s one of the greatest things you’ll ever do for yourself.  Though the work isn’t always easy you’re always worth it.
- Sonja, BSN RN AK Air CSA

You pulled taking care of myself first to the forefront and asked me to make it a daily commitment. Working with you helped define the things I need to slow down and meditate on, opening my heart, setting boundaries for myself and to not step out of myself and into someone else's lane. It taught me to sit with things that make me uncomfortable. Your laugh helped me to not take things that are hard so seriously.
- Dana Figueiredo, Entrepreneur 

"It pulled taking care of myself to the forefront"

Amyee is a master listener and holds space for a person as they process their emotions and triggers. Amyee reflected back to me some of my own beliefs about my self-worth and her reflection helped me gain a deeper understanding of my self-care needs. The work we shared allowed me to see that I was often berating myself and this was holding me back from a deeper sense of value in my life and from me giving that sense of value to others. Our work has allowed me to release some unnecessary guilt and unresolved grief. I walk lighter in the world and have a better sense of confidence because of completing this journey with her as my guide
- Brandi Jackson, ER RN

"I am lighter and more confident"