Live a Life That Sets Your Soul on Fire

True North Coaching

I specialize in helping high-achieving entrepreneurs and leaders reconnect with their wild, authentic selves to find true joy, adventure, and fulfillment




Is this You?

Do you feel disconnected from your true, authentic self despite your outward success?
Are your personal relationships suffering due to your focus on work and external achievements?
Are past traumas, or limiting beliefs, holding you back from fully embracing your potential?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're not alone. 

In the midst of building your success, you may have lost touch with who you are or what lights you up.  You feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled or maybe, you simply feel bored.  You lack the joy and wonder you once knew.  Despite your achievements, life feels empty and connections feel surface level. Too much focus on work leaves little space for personal interests, hobbies, or self-care, because their simply isn't time.  You long for adventure, space, and deep connection.

No matter, how successful you are in life, if you are disconnected from your wild essence, your life can feel empty. 

It's easy to build a business but lose your spouse, kids, or friends, in the process. it's easy to have success but lose your sense of purpose.

I help you build a life that sets your soul on fire... you will make more money, have more joy, create more adventure, and build deeper connections then you ever thought possible.

I specialize in helping high-achieving entrepreneurs and leaders reconnect with their wild, authentic selves and find true joy, adventure, and deep connection in their lives.

Through a unique blend of body-based practices, nervous system regulation, and inner child work, I guide successful men and women on a journey of self-discovery and liberation. Together, we heal past hurts, embrace desires, and unlock the confidence and power needed to create a life filled with joy, freedom, and meaningful connections.

If you're a successful business leader who feels lost or disconnected from your true self, your sense of purpose, or your loved ones, I'm here to help you rediscover your untamed essence and build a life that sets your soul free...

Guided journey breathwork to guide you deeper within yourself, released stored emotion, move stuck energy and allow you to rise and live from a place of true alignment.



A multimodality container designed to help you discover your true nature

Nourish Program


" She saw and believed in the whole time I didn't "

I am a new human. I have for the first time ever stopped cringing at hearing my own name or even sitting with my own self or thoughts. I have dreams and aspirations that I am beginning to allow myself to even consider as possible. ANYTHING is possible. I can do ANYTHING. And I will. I am leaning into some serious self trust and compassion to support this.  Amyee showed up at whatever caliber she KNEW I needed and stood by me while the ocean tried to take me down... and I saw this; felt this and for this reason continued. And now here I am, the badass that I am... that she saw and believed in the whole time I didn't.


 She lives and breathes fully expressing your authentic self. Nothing is too much for her to hold in a coaching space. Deep transformation often takes place in the unspoken for me. Having a guide who’s been there, knows the way, and walks the path beside you is irreplaceable. Amyee was and is just that for me. She is so much more than a mentor. She is a trusted advisor guiding me to my own true north.

" She is a trusted advisor guiding me to my own true north "


I was reminded the importance of taking care of myself and how everything else will flow with more ease. Being a busy mom and working FT in addition to building my business I often need this reminder that rest is also important to having a thriving business. I'm more able to recognize what I truly need in the moments and not allow myself to get so distracted by the always growing to-do-list. It was super uncomfortable at times. Diving into my own thoughts and limiting beliefs. I've always focused on taking care of everyone else so it's been a new learning experience the past few years taking care of myself again and not feeling guilty about it. She really helped reassure me that it's non-negotiable.

"  I'm more able to recognize what I truly need in the moments  "