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helping you discover and create

your most aligned life

1:1 coaching

When is the last time you felt WILD, FREE, and truly ALIVE

Has it been a hot second?  You are a leader, a high achiever, a bold action taker.. and yet lately you realize you are meant for SO MUCH MORE.  You desire to be held and supported, connected to yourself and to others.  You desire to feel ALIVE, and make IMPACT, to not hold back or dim your light because others are intimidated by you.  You are done pushing hard, hustling and grinding to get what you want.  You are done tying your achievements to your worth.  You crave purpose, meaning, and impact that comes with EASE and FLOW.  You want to break out of the boxes that confine you, and finally step into the life you know is your birthright.  Claim it!



What's it look like to work together?

  • Deeply intimate, sacred and safe space for a small number of heart guided leaders looking to dive deeper into their own healing and soul alignment.
  • 1:1 containers are designed and curated specifically for you.
  • This is a space to unleash and step into the most authentic, powerful, empowered and untamed version of yourself.
  • 1:1 space combines personalized breathwork, deep coaching and optional in person experiences.

You are meant for more

Helping you Discover and Become Your Truest Self

A small intimate space that blends powerful deep coaching with somatic breathwork to build trust, confidence, capacity, wild courage and boldness within. This a space for those ready to up level their own healing and business to authentically create a life of freedom.



Together we design a full day that will change everything for you
This is where you receive life changing coaching
on top of a mountain with an epic view
 paddle boarding a secluded bay
 sitting on a beach listening to the waves
or lounging in a remote hot spring.
Use your imagination or I can use mine.  Together we will adventure, laugh, cry, and dive deep into what ever is holding you back from living your truest and best life. Using the power of nature, challenge, and connection to create an unparalleled experience, this will be a day you will never forget.

A day that will change your life forever 

Custom Curated Experiential in All Places

What to expect

  • In person experiential retreats for you or your team. These are custom tailored to your desire and usually combine healing, adventure, nourishment and nature.
  • Costa Rica Experiential available March-April 2024
  • Alaska Experiential available May-September 2024
The Ultimate Experience

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